This is Real Power

My name is Roberta Pimentel and I´m the CEO and founder of Real Power.

Under different difficult circumstances as a little girl growing up in the suburbs of Rio and as a young woman in a new and colder part of the world with a different culture, I often asked my self: Where do I find rest and my purpose in life?

It took a while finding my real power but it showed out to be working out, healthy and tasty food, close friends and family and helping others find their real power.

As individuals we have our different real powers. It can be fitness, sailing, cooking food, staying home with kids, career, helping others succeed or something else.

Real Power is a community of women empowering each other and giving each other guidance and tools to reach goals in life and find real power.

Our team, our active apparel, equipment and nutrition are made and chosen to give you the best possible support, flexibility and energy to find your real power.

What is your real power🦸‍♀️? 

Join the real power community on Facebook and Instagram and share your #realpower.

I´m looking forward hearing from you!

Sincerely ❤️
Roberta Pimentel
CEO of Real Power