How can a fitness coach help you?

Workouts should be simple, right? We just making sure we do it. Eating right? Oh yeah, that’s soooo easy, more vegetables,  fat-free stuff, right? Unfortunately, there’s so much more and confusing stuff out there that getting in shape is no longer clear cut. Sometimes your workouts can actually get you the opposite of what you were working towards!
Why you need a fitness coach?
  • A fitness coach & instructor will use a fitness plan to help you maximize results in minimum time, increasing the efficiency of your exercise program. This is especially beneficial if you have limited time to exercise. You'll focus on results and proper techniques, and not waste your time and energy doing ineffective workouts.
  • Fitness coaches can help you gain perspective and track your progress in ways that are better than the scale. A fitness coach can help you know how to correctly measure yourself, help you find ways of tracking your body fat percentage, help keep you accountable for taking progress photos, etc.

One of the most powerful things a fitness coach has to offer is accountability. If you know how to become a mean, lean 6-pack machine but don’t do it, then your knowledge is useless. A fitness coach can help you be accountable to what you set out to do by:

  • helping you face reality with what you are or are not doing
  • working out a plan to help you be consistent
  • offering incentives or consequences based on your personality and goals
  • helping you press through “not feeling like it” and when motivation wanes
  • obviously not an exhaustive list: fitness coaches can personalize accountability to your goals and personality!
  • providing check-ins,
  • helping you identify the biggest obstacle you face and come up with solutions that you stick to,

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