Make it easy to get back into workout


When was the last time you did some exercise? Maybe at high school PE class? Or maybe you tried some aerobic training as part of at home workout plan for a few weeks ago, but the motivation just ended?

No matter how far you are now on your fitness level… 

Do a favor to yourself and remember this...

It takes less than one second to decide that you’re worth it, start with 10-20 minutes a day first, and in three weeks you will feel the difference. 

Here are some helpful tips with everything you need to know before you get started.

You probably know that exercise improves your health. However, many people aren’t aware of all the benefits they get by working out daily.

Top benefits you can get by start working out

Something that is really important is to have good fitness wear in which you can move without resistance and avoid injuries. In addition, when you put on the right fitness wear, you will get into the role. Real Power fitness clothes is the perfect match for a good workout! 

Here is some general exercise recommendation

  • HIIT: HIIT or high-intensity interval workout (cardio or strength) followed with rest intervals, line up and keeping your heart rate elevated.
  • Cardio: Anything that makes your heart beats higher and raises your breathe can considered as a cardio.
  • Intense cardio: Swimming laps, fast cycling, running…
  • Moderate cardio: Slow cycling, swimming, jogging, brisk walking…

How many days a week is recommended to exercise for health benefits?

It depends on your fitness level, for someone can be hard to come up from the couch and get it started, then it is better to start 2-3 days a week at least 10-20 minutes exercise. Others may have the fitness level better and have the ability to do 3-6 days a week for at least 30-60 minutes workout a day.

Tips on how to get start

First step: be honest with yourself, reach the fitness level that fits you. Don’t try to work to hard in the beginning because you can lose motivation and I’m sure you don’t want that. Make an appointment with yourself by scheduling your workout, it will be easier to do the workout with a plan.

Find out your inspiration & set goal

How many times have you tried to start a workout plan to lose 3-8 kg and you lost motivation and failed? To avoid losing motivation, take a different approach and decide what it is important for you to get at first. What you want to be able to do – Whether it’s getting more energized, better shape, more focus or productive at work. It is really easy; you just need find your inspiration and then set yourself some short-term and long-term goals.

Start small & boost your progress

When we start small, we can say that you are focusing on short term goals first. Focus on day and week at time. Get start your workout for the day. Challenge yourself to find 10-45 minutes in your day, as many days as possible, by doing this you will help yourself to get more active. 


It is easy to go all in in the beginning and workout many hours at the first day, but we recommend that you take small steps, so you don’t lose the motivation. Start by building body resistance and after a few days/weeks you can start to increase your fitness routines. There will be days you will not feel for workout, but if you can push yourself trough these days you will build a good discipline and you will feel proud of yourself. Setting goals will help you to fulfill your workout program. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

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